Information for Coaches

Administrative Procedure AP 5110 - Claims For Payment of Travel and Out of Pocket Expenses, governs out of pocket expenses and is being updated to reflect the number of coaches per sport that will be supported for central reimbursement. Additional coaches beyond the guidelines below will be subject to a school-based decision by the principal regarding compensation for out of pocket expenses.

Please note that the numbers below do not include an RVS staff member as representative. However, RVS will centrally support the addition of an RVS staff member should a staff member not be part of the coaching compliment.

  • Football: 8
  • Golf: 2
  • Soccer: 2
  • Volleyball: 2
  • Curling: 2
  • Basketball: 2
  • Badminton: 2
  • Track and Field: 4
  • Rugby: 2
  • Cheerleading: 2
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